🇺🇦 Hold Strong Ukraine 🇺🇦

This token is inspired by a tweet by Elon Musk, who wrote
Hold Strong Ukraine yesterday in support of peace in
Ukraine. We would also like to contribute to the world order
and support millions of Ukrainians with what we can do.
No War – Peace on earth!

Official Ukraine Donate Organizations

How do we help?

5% from each transaction will be transferred daily to the account of the official cryptocurrency charitable foundation of the organization “Kuna” , whose founder is ChobanianMike .

Who we are?

We are caring people who want to support the suffering people of Ukraine. We maintain neutrality with respect to the policies of these states. We just want to help those that we can do well. And we hope that our ranks will be replenished with caring people.

Ukrainians need our
help now!

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We must help ordinary people, just like us, and not the states that started the war!

We are strong together!


🎗🙏5% charity goes to Ukraine (My.Kuna.io)

💰5% goes to holders in BUSD for supporting our project

🔥1% – Auto-burning
🏦 1% – Liquidity
🎙1% – marketing

5% of every transaction is redistributed to all holders in BUSD. This is the incentive to hold – you hold, just as the Ukrainians are against the Russians.

5% of every transaction will be split evenly across a number of charities to support their work in Ukraine. These charities have direct impact on the ground and will benefit from your support.

1% of every transaction will go towards creating a liquidity pool on Trader Joe to create a stable floor price.

1% of every transaction will go to the marketing wallet to fund marketing, utility development, community management, and strengthening our relationships with partners. 1% of every transaction will be used for buybacks to maintain stability of the coin. Finally, 1% will go to developers.

Our partners are widely known, well-researched, well-supported charities that are actively supporting those in need in Ukraine right now. A large percentage of donations go to the people that need it and not the administrators.

Join our and follow us on Twitter, and other social networking sites to keep the focus on the work and find new ways to support those who have been driven from their homes. Together we can find ways to lend help to the Ukrainian people.


1. Create logo

2. Create contract

3. Create website adn social medias (Twitter, Telegram and Instagram)

4. Presale

5. Launch and list on PancakeSwap

6. Lock Liquidity

1. Do audit for the contract

2. Poocoin adversting and other marketings

3. Prepare project’s documents for Coinmarketcap and CG listings

4. Coinmarketcap and CG listings

5. Do AMA

6. Coloboration with donation and charity organizations

7. IndoEx listing

1. 5000 holders

2. 5000 members of social medias

3. Do AMA with donation and charity organizations

4. Cointiger listing

5. Hotbit listing

6. Listings on Chinese CMC/СG listings

7. Draw more and more attention to the situation in Ukraine

8. Bitmart listing

9. Create new phases of Roadmap for making this project very popular

Join us in bringing a smile to Ukrainian .